The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie


Mostly Asterix and Tintin. I was painting pictures behind the bookshelves. The paint, as I found out from experience, runs down behind the shelves and down behind the next books. Lucky I started near the top. Such an activity entertained much of the morning before school started.

Later this morning I did my French homework, sur le sujet du gaspillage alimentaire dans l'industrie. Je devais écrire une article de journal pour présenter le probleme et suggerer les solutions. D'apres l'article que j'ai lu, 50% de nourriture est gaspillé dans le processus de la production alimentaire. That was written without grammar checks, so it mightn't work too well in google translate. I had to write an article about wasted food in industry, basically.

This afternoon we went and visited my aunt and uncle who live in Africa's house in the Scottish Borders, which sits empty for 50 weeks of the year. We borrowed / stole their television because it has a VCR player, and also borrowed some books and DVDs that looked interesting, to entertain us in such a time when everything has been cancelled. We didn't stay long, because it was freezing.

Then this evening, cooking rissotto (don't let it burn!) and watching Rebelle (Brave in French) whilst embroidering. The embroidery is now finished. Here, again, is the inspiration / violated copyright.

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