Today my trailer had to wee wee....

Nothing like getting up at 23:30 just to go to work, drive 250 miles and hand unload the trailer. While unloading at a customer a hydraulic line on the liftgate blew. A gallon of hydraulic oil that went almost everywhere. Grateful it was on asphalt as it was a simple clean up. In the extra you have the darling starlings doing aeronautical traffic control. Safely parked for the night but eerie on the so few cars and most businesses closed.   

On a serious note - my boss called me and let me know a "Lawyers Letter" is in my mailbox at work. Since I have a license that allows me to drive straight trucks, single, double, triple trailers, tankers and.. I am considered an essential employee. This letter I am required to keep in my possession just in case my home state or Oregon requires people to stay at home, I will still be able to drive a truck. Drivers in California and New York are making decisions right now on staying with family (no paycheck) or working doing what needs to be done.

Never in my career did I think I would have to make a decision - stay at home and watch my nephew grow up, or serve my country - helping getting supplies to hospitals, first responders and food to the grocery stores. Of course this is hypothetical at the moment and I hope it stays that way but....   Being single - I'll choose country but again I hope I don't have choose.. 

Please everyone stay safe and take care..  

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