Dawn's Journal

By DawnP

Family resting place

Looking through the photos in my ancestry records, I realised that those I took of the engravings on a family grave (extra) were incomplete, so today I popped down to the graveyard to have another go.  Since my last visit some years ago, the graves have deteriorated somewhat - especially the lettering.  Most of the gravestones from that time (1940-60s) used metal letters which have dropped out over time. With a bit of tidying I managed to get the shots I needed of my maternal grandfather, his parents and a brother who died at the the age of 15.  It was also good to confirm the name of my great-grandfather, a german immigrant from the 1890s, with various spellings of his name in the records - one would presume the family knew his actual name!

The main image is of a plant covering the grave with tiny white flowers, which provide my entry for today's Flower Friday hosted by BikerBear

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