We are taking a discreet visit to our daughter’s not stopping on the way. The roads had a high number of lorries not surprisingly but it was smooth driving. We passed Stonehenge with me taking this shot through the car window. For the first time there were no visitors around the stones.

Our daughter, son in law and their 5 week old baby are doing very well. He has changed quite a lot being more alert and responding to their voices with smiles and the odd sounds. Lovely.

We will be taking our son back to Devon with us as he would have found it very difficult working from home with his two flat mates not around as they to are going back to their homes.

Pubs restaurants cafes gyms leisure centres etc have been ordered to close from today. So glad the government have pledged to give generous help to those not working as a result of the Coronavirus although l am not sure if this covers everyone including self employed people.

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