By DrSandy

Alone in the BIG POOL

I followed the usual Wednesday morning schedule : yoga, swim and sauna.

I won't say the yoga class was full (it never is), but there were 6 people, which was within the normal range, with lots of signs and admonishing to sterilize EVERYTHING with hand sanitizer.

The pool on the other hand - was EMPTY.

No fighting for a lane. I had the whole pool to myself.  It was disturbingly quiet, but NICE.

I also had the sauna too myself. 

Little surprised that hasn't been shut down.  You end up breathing recycled air, so it might be "high" risk, although because the air is HOT and your NOSE is HOT, the risk is probably significantly mitigated.

When I got home, I focused on the meeting. At 12 o'clock I manged to show up and put in an order, for two videos.

Then I set about making this week's videoBy the time I went to bed, had it made, but NOTHING was loaded.

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