Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Confinement, Day 4

the news - not good yet
the pandemic's still growing
but we will get there

It will take a few weeks before we start seeing a decline in the number of new cases, but confinement is already working its magic, although it is much more silent: who knows how many more cases there would be in two weeks' time if we had gone on with our social habits?

I have to reassure my father daily at the moment; at least he has a few minutes/hours of peace of mind after we've talked. He's not worried for himself: they're as safe as we can be at the moment... He's seeing doom for after the crisis. I remind him that we the humans got over two world wars in the last century. If we can contain this, why couldn't we rebuild after? I remind him he's doing his bit to ensure our medical system isn't swamped and can ride the wave. I guess he feels empowered by this. He's a man who's always been at the helm, and feeling powerless anguishes him. I'll repeat those things as many times, and as often, as needed.

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