A walk round the village.

Plenty of colour showing. Saxifrage, Scilla and Mahonia

And more evidence of the remarkable spirit which is doubtless being repeated in many parts of the country.

Arnside and adjacent Carr Bank have a population of about 2500.
Every house has received a letter from the newly set up Arnside Volunteer Group. Already it has signed up 350 volunteers willing to deliver groceries and hot meals, collect prescriptions and many other tasks. The two grocery shops in the village and a number of cafes are fully on board. The group has set up a headquarters in the Sailing club with a help line manned from 1p.m. to 9p.m. Every day.

We have solved the milk problem by signing up with the milkman who delivers four times per week. This also has the advantage of returnable glass bottles instead of plastic.

As the crisis seems likely to get much worse it warms the heart to know that people care.

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