The Longest Day

So far, Saturday has lasted for about 30 hours, and it hasn't quite finished yet.

Our flight took off from Auckland at 1.30am and we arrived at Singapore at 6am.  The plane was very full - we were expecting reduced passenger numbers, but this flight was full of people making their way home.

In Singapore we took the rail link from Terminal 2 to 3 (and back again), which goes through The Jewel - the main blip shows our train about to pass through.
We left Singapore at 9am and arrived in Heathrow at 3pm - a flight time of about 13 hours.  We've been in Premium Economy for all this trip.  With there being two of us, we wanted two seats together where we didn't have to climb over anyone to get out.  Definitely recommended - we had more space which made the flights much more tolerable.

The Singapore to London leg was the longest flight of the trip, estimated at 14 hours.  We were surprised (and slightly taken aback) to be given a Business Class upgrade.  This means that we had lay flat seats, so we could sleep laid down.  This made a mammoth flight much more relaxing!  

The entire upper deck of the A380 on this plane was First and Business Class.  In our cabin (which would have seated about 20) had only 5 people in it, so we had good attentiveness from the staff.

We're now in a hotel at the airport ready to fall asleep in a real bed - final flight home tomorrow.

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