The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie


I am blipping blips! I find it so curious how the camera reacts to the computer screen. I wonder why it does that...

This morning I didn't feel great, so had a lazy start. I painted some more pictures behind the bookshelves. Shasta and Aravis crossing the desert, from C.S.Lewis's The Horse and his Boy. I did a very light layer of watercolour first for the sky, then sketched out the horse and the boy, then painted them, and a beehive tomb as well. Aravis I haven't done yet, and Shasta and Bree are very nearly almost finished.

This afternoon / evening we all watched The Parent Trap (1998) together. It's such a good film! Watched on the television borrowed from my aunt and uncle, 'cos we only have the video of it. I also did more painting during the afternoon.

My dad trimmed down the living room door today, as, having put carpet down, it needed to be shortened quite considerably. So I blew the hairdryer at the jigsaw as he moved it along, because he was getting dizzy puffing the dust away so much! It worked rather well. Then I helped him hold it whilst he hung it and took it off again and hung it and took it off again and hung it and took it off again, seeing whether or not he had cut enough off this time. It is now all nice and in place and the perfect length.

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