My Life Is Not Average

By melamny


It's the last day of school today for my husband. Frustratingly cancelled two weeks before the Easter break. He's keeping a cool head about everything, as usual, and we'll find a way of making sure he can work from home as needed. Exams are cancelled, too. Perhaps this will encourage the SQA to find a way of moving to online exams.

I've been thinking a lot about trying to live more sustainably recently, and I'm realising that not only are certain lifestyle changes better for the planet (and, long term, the wallet) but they also make life a bit easier when the apocalypse/war/pandemic shows its ugly face. Who needs to stock up on nappies when we have reusable nappies? We use disposables at night, but only using one per day means a packet will last a long time. And I've no need to buy hundreds of pouches of baby food, because she eats what we eat; and has, in one form or another, since she started weaning.

I must say, I've not found a solution to the toilet paper problem though ...!

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