By wellsforzoe

Bright Girl: Now with a Future

Today I had 2 girls who were begging to me  that they don't have food and even if they can go back to their relatives/ parents there is nothing that there is no way they can help them Their stories were as follows; 
Tasiyana is learning at Nkhorongo CDSS doing her last year she moved from Chamalaza to stay with her friends as a self boarder close to school so that she can have more time for her studies. She was raised  her grand mother who is a widow and very old, while her 2 parents live out 80 km away and are not minding their children.
The second one is Modester from Choma who is a single orphan, father dead, living with her mother and step father.  She said many times she missed school due to hunger problem so she goes to do piece works (A farm labourer) to earn daily food for the family.  So I have the suggestion to meet her mother if she can do her part to move the girl from home village to stay at school as a self boarder then assist her food to eat, and help the family she will stay  with.  She is very bright and getting position 1,2,3 in her class so am so am feeling sorry for her.
In Biology she got  85%, an A and second in her class of 35

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