Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess


My constitutional today took me up part of Morningside Road, mostly to see what was happening as regards shops. Some of them were closed, including the Oxfam shop and the TSB Bank. Following yesterday’s decree a number of the cafes were shut and others were doing take-aways.There were a fair number of people about including groups of people (who weren't a metre apart!) and some traffic, although I guess it was probably quieter than usual.

I had yet another disappointment about delivery of a bed which has been ongoing for several weeks now. This time it was because they will no longer collect beds and mattresses due to the virus which I can understand, but it would have been helpful if they could have let me know! It was only because I phoned them that I found this out. I decided I needed to get the old bed removed before the new one arrived (there isn't room for both and I don’t want to risk being left with the old bed if no one would take it away). So I spent some time arranging that. Not really a great problem in the greater scheme of things, but it would be good to get it all done before things get any worse.

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