Sunset from my back yard

I've had trouble sleeping the past couple of nights. I kept thinking about all the Corona-related stuff going on, both for me specific (in my work) and in our region.

People are idiots. And so am I. I should stop checking the news and social media. So many people disregarding all that has been said. Social gatherings going on everywhere. Birthday parties, people sitting close to each other on benches in parks, the list goes on. In the meantime, intensive care units in the south of the Netherlands can't cope with the growing number of patients anymore. I think there's going to be a total lockdown soon. If people won't listen, it will have to implemented differently. Sadly enough, this behaviour will cause I don't know how many additional COVID-19 patients before the lockdown is in effect.

Yesterday and today I talked to my parents using FaceTime. It's nice to see them. Especially my mother is suffering from all this and she didn't like me saying that I think this is going to last a lot longer than April 6 (the date given by authorities).

As I witnessed the sunset from my living room window, I saw the potential for a good photo. I went outside, in my back yard, to capture this. For a moment, I was happy and only worrying about getting the right exposure. It was cold, but beautiful. Ellis came out and brought me a cup of tea. Perfect. Family, photography and a cup of tea...

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