By Colgaize82

Just looking.

It’s Saturday, March 21st and we are in the clutches of what some of us (and I include myself in this) are flippantly describing as an apocalypse.

For me, there’s a profound dichotomy at play here; whilst the world around us feels tense and ill-at-ease, there’s also a sense of calm that I would like to ignore (bring back routine and the world as we know it!) but I can’t; I have to acknowledge this ‘calm’ and appreciate it.

I’m lucky, I live in Keswick and have Latrigg literally in my back yard. It felt only right then that we should go and welcome ‘calm’-our reacquainted friend, into our lives. My two girls and I set off, with their binoculars and we meandered along the paths of the base of Latrigg. We ran, we laughed, we took photos and made whimsical videos but most importantly; we looked.

I’m a runner, I’m on these paths often but you don’t really look when you’re running- not the way you do when you stand still with two beautiful humans- the way that I did here. It was a stark reminder of what we have in front of us...

It would appear Mother Nature was telling us: “Thank you. You listened.”

Let’s not screw this up!

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