By TrishaR


I was awake early this morning.  It was a beautiful but cold start to the day.  I joined in the Europe wide playing /singing of Gerry and the Pacemakers ‘you’ll never walk alone’ At 745. Given what Europe (and rest of world) is going through at the moment I must admit I blubbed most of the way through it.  

Walked into town then over to my mother. She’s getting the instructions and hopefully she is ok.  She meets one of her friends there , Zina, and they walk round the block then sit in the garden if the weather is nice.

Later I popped next door to see Barbara.  Not sure I can visit her any more but will write her a letter.  I feel her memory has deteriorated these past few months.  I see a difference in her.

Schools finished today.  My daughter being a school Nursery Teacher Is on the Core Worker List so will be back at school on Monday.  Dave’s work has been closed so hopefully he will benefit from the new 80% of salary paid and is at home for Ben for the Home Schooling.  Cameron will be focussed on doing his class work from home.

Times are so uncertain. Messing with my head a bit, I worry about my mother and also about my daughter .

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