... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mitcham: Shimmering Swan

Sparklier in large
Extra: Splashing through

An email today announced that WWT would no longer be able to stay open (after yesterday's update suggested that it'd remain open in a limited capacity for members only), so I'll have to find buoying birds elsewhere to keep my head above water...
Im and I went to have a little wander on Mitcham Common and around Three Kings Pond... I'm always heartened and amused to find birds enjoying an impromptu pond (/flood /puddle), and we found Canada geese making themselves at home on a puddle on the common which was reassuringly resourceful. The mute swans on Three Kings Pond have driven off last year's cygnets and are nesting again: the pen was on the nest and the cob was swanning about very territorially. 

Others here (or right from Starling colours)

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