Al I’timad A’la al Nafs

Al I’timad A’la al Nafs is Arabic for Self Reliance, it is also the motto on the crest of RAF Masirah where I served for just over a year in 1968-69.
I can apply this to the current situation where we are self isolating and using things we already have in the house. Of course, we will need replenishing and that will come in the form of an occasional supermarket doorstep delivery. At RAF Masirah it took the form of RFA (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) ships such as the LSL Sir Bedivere and LSL Pearleaf delivering supplies during the winter. They couldn't do it during the summer because the Arabian Sea and the Masirah Channel (10 miles to the mainland of Oman) were too rough for the ships to anchor offshore and the tenders to ferry supplies to the island.
During the winter the steadfast Argosy aircraft (see Extra) would fly in supplies from Muharraq (Bahrain) along with the longed for mail from home. The same aircraft shipped us back and forth between Masirah, Sharjah and Muharraq, Muharraq being be main transport hub for the region of the Arabian Gulf.
Exciting days, unlike now!

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