Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Social Distancing

This is Saturday's blip, backblipped on Sunday.

Piper, her dad and I went for a long walk today.  Lots of people were out but all seemed to be staying a good distance from one another.  The middle image is for Silly Saturday.  It looks like that Texas fan is socially isolating.  The upper left is two of our neighbors talking over their snow shovels.  We visited for a while from across the street.  The upper right is a woman visiting a loved one at a long term care facility that is locked down.  Bottom left is one of four skateboarders who were staying at least 6 feet apart.  We were glad to see young people heeding the warnings.  Bottom right is my sweethearts.  Middle left shows a sure sign of early spring....mud!  Middle right shows a nicer sign of early spring...tulips!  There is a second collage of random sights in the extras. 

I need to walk more!  It took me about half a mile to find my stride and then I was good for about a mile before I started getting tired.  We only walked about 3 miles but, by the time we got home, I needed a soak in the hot tub and a long rest with my feet up!  The good news is that I feel fine today. :-)

I am grateful that the people I saw today were staying 6 feet apart.  Nonetheless, it was good to get back home to our safe haven.

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