La vida de Annie

By Annie

Día de la Madre.

Mother's Day (in UK; it's May 3rd in Spain) and day 8 of lockdown. Today a further extension was declared, until April 12th.
I watched this online service from the Anglican church in Menorca (also in lockdown so no physical congregation), which I found very moving.
Also moving was a video on social media of a number of fire engines and police cars at the hospital, the bomberos and policías applauding the medical staff who appeared at the entrance door. There's a real sense of pride in helping others here. Strict emergency measures but no shortages in the supermarkets or crazy queuing. When I went out for a few things on Friday there were only 3 other shoppers in the huge supermarket, all wearing the disposable gloves supplied at the entrance, and many masked and gloved shop workers keeping the shelves stocked and the areas clean. Looking at the ridiculous scenes on the news today of hordes of people trying to storm Tesco, and the multitude out and about in the parks, streets and beaches, I feel despair for the UK. I know the idiot-in-chief has said fresh air is healthy, but for heaven's sake keep people in and away from others! It's probably already too late, but please, PM, grow a pair and declare a lockdown....

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