One of the two plumes in the latest bouquet.
A bit of a desperation Blip as almost all my photos today are blurry, I'm guessing my hands just weren't steady enough. But maybe telling for desperate times.
We were alerted by an emergency alert this morning from the Dutch government telling everybody to keep their distance (1.5 meters) from each other. Apparently needed because people were flocking to the beach, woods and other public places to take a breath of fresh air. Why can't people understand that they need to stay at home ? What's so difficult about it? Meanwhile things are truly desperate in Italy and Spain and it's not so hard to guess that this crisis awaits for the rest of Europe too within days. Sorry to rant about this, but it's just so worrying and surely staying in for two/three weeks as much as possible is not that big a sacrifice to keep some control over the spread of this virus? Stay at home, stay safe and healthy and Blip on !

Thanks so much for all the Abstract Thursday entries last Thursday. This coming Thursday as another reminder that it is best to stay at home if at all possible the optional theme is 'inside' and the tag will be AT248.
Here's the list of last week's specials:
kwdiane       bee on heather twister
AnnieBelle   strange fruit
H0tamer      eye twisting
suejay50      colourful
Kernow         diffusing pleats

Thank you very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's loo roll seeder pots.

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