By ArcLight

Social distancing

Having said I would (mostly) blip the following morning, here I go this Sunday evening. My excuse is twofold. First, we aren't watching anything, but rather listening to music this evening. Second, this is the last photograph I will ever blip from my favourite EOS M6 camera. I've had some trouble with it ever since early January, with what seemed to be a periodic software failure. I managed to nurse it through with several restarts and today we managed, with some difficulty, to update the firmware. However, to no avail, so that suggests that something fundamental like the motherboard has failed. So it must be an electronic rather than software fault. Curtains.

I've resurrected its predecessor, the EOS M, and also recharged the batteries for Mr A's Canon G7x Mark 1. I'll use those for now, whilst there isn't anything exciting to blip. And consider the treat of a brand new EOS M6 Mark II (body only) for when we escape the lockdown.

The absolute irony of this lockdown Sunday is that we've had more interactions than usual. We had our normal Sunday morning potter around the paths. It wasn't busy. Not at all. Good. Back here, we would normally have chilled. Instead we seem to have been really busy. It was not just the fuss over the dying camera, but also innumerable 'social' interactions, including a glass of wine with a friend in Hamburg, and exchanging cava for flour (at the doorway) with hazelh and Mr hazelh.

I've done none of the photo editing I planned to do on a 'quiet' Sunday. And, of course, the news has intruded. But I've managed to keep my anxiety low level during the day.

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