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By Sallymair

A candle for hope

We were asked to put a lighted candle in our windows tonight at 7 pm as a sign of hope, so here is ours.
What a strange Mothering Sunday with no church and no children .
A beautiful sunny day so I spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon in the front garden clearing out the rose bed and topping it up with another of last year's grow bags. It looks good now.
At 11am I tuned into the live streamed service from Ps&Gs, it was perfect, just what I needed and it was good to see it was picked up from my link by several of my friends. We do need to support each other just now.
Ali came round and dropped off a card for me on the doorstep while standing well back. but didn't stay or come in. The girls are both so aware of keeping us safe which is sad but necessary.
We video chatted to Katy and the girls on Skype later on, they'd been given a mini trampoline so were full of that. Isobel was very happy to hear we'd had roast beef, I think she quite fancied some herself!
We chatted with Ali too on face time this evening, we're so lucky we have this technology available to us.
Keep safe everybody please. This will pass, and we want to be there to celebrate.

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