By Yorkshirebred

Mother’s Day pressies

Apologies for another collage, but I was trying to photograph the 2 lovely bouquets of flowers from my son and daughter.  I couldn’t get them all in the frame, so here you have sections of both.  The gin was also a gift from my son - no doubt we will be sharing that in the long evenings to come!  A lazy day today, but some online shopping and banking saved me from brain freeze! Trying to consider what to do about my eye op scheduled for Monday 30th.  I expected it to be cancelled, but non-urgent ops have been cancelled from 2 April onwards.  Not sure I should go, but I do want to get it over with as it doesn’t sound pleasant!  I suspect though that with an autoimmune disease and chronic illnesses I may more getting a letter telling me to self isolate for 12 weeks - I guess that would sort my dilemma!

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