And, in other News...

...I've shrunked.
When I left the Fire Service and started a less strenuous passtime, like behind a Counter, it never occurred to me to stop eating like a Fireman.

Result - 14St 7lb or 203lb to those who never discovered any weight twixt the pound and the ton/Tonne.
The bloke trundling Gregg's daily delivery would say "Draw your belly in, I'm coming through."
I tried these shorts on some years ago, can no longer remember if  pre, or post Alice. I suspect post as they layed on the bed since then.
They wouldn't meet by a couple or three inches.
Today I thought - "Well, if they still don't fit; they're OUT."

They fit!
OK it wasn't easy, but I still have them on hours later 13:00, so not too tight.

I looked at Blip Central's ideas for House arrest Blipping, doesn't seem to fit any of them?
View from your window - Not today
Still Life - Well I was alive AND still.
Macro Photography - Not yet
Food Photography - How very Antisocial media - we shall see.
Family Pets - Just the Pond creatures.
Abstract - I've abstracted my waist line.
Self Portraits - Well - kind of?
Family Portraits - A definite non-starter; A selfie IS a family portrait now.
Learn a new skill - I'm currently playing "Quiz Planet" online with an Italian chap IN Italian. THAT May be the new skill, so I don't have to guess the question, I could then maybe do better than the odd draw or VERY CLOSE win.

I' actually did say I was trying to waste my waist; seems I've had some degree of success.

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm }

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