The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie


Today I attached the vice to the chest in the sewing room. It was rather tricky, but managed in the end all by myself, with Dad giving only advice. It was very useful for the flower project. I washed it thoroughly first - it was all black and oily from having once upon a time been my Grandpa's. I am not quite sure why we haven't given it back - maybe he has another one.

My exams have been officially cancelled!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!
So I get my results without having to do any revision!

I did more painting behind the bookshelves today - I've started on a scene from "Journey to the River Sea" by Eva Ibbotson. It's a very, very good book.

I also framed the berries embroidery that I blipped the other day. We had bought the frame for something else, but it worked better for this! Also lots of tidying up from us having been decorating upstairs. And I put a bit of varnish on a jewlery stand I've been making. White spirit, to clean the brush and myself afterwards. The back porch now stinks of it! I also did a lot of clearing stuff off my memory stick, which has years' worth of old digital art etc. on it.

Camera lessons were officially cancelled today. So that's it. Every single thing that was in my calendar from now until the beginning of July has been cancelled. Plans in July still may be cancelled - we'll see. It will be strange, not seeing anyone for ages. Email, telephone, Skype, and Facebook are wonderful things! And Blipfoto, of course.

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