By cyclops


Day 1 of lack of school.

MrsCyclops has done MAGNIFICENTLY with CyclopsJnr and the school has sent lots of fun and educational things to do.  I did early shift, lunch, a quick 20 minutes of football, and dinner to try to share the load.  We also had a whole family run this afternoon - experimenting with the first day of Couch to 5k.  I've used it successfully a couple of times, most recently working back up to running about 3km after being unwell - 5km here I come.

Managed to fit in some intensive bouts of work in between all that, including a call with my board to get their blessing for my response to Coronavirus, and an all hands call to update the team on developments!

I'm tired, Is it my bedtime yet? (not yet 7pm - so no...)  

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