By 5nations

Waste not want not.

I'm ever so excited.

Little things please little mind, and i've been told quite often that I sway more to the 'little' on the mindometer.... but i'm happy!

Anyway, i've dried this out for 48 hours and i'm about to plant it in a pot. Then i'm going to bung it in a plastic bag so it's gets as warm as possible.
Should it grow I shall be amazed as this wasn't the healthiest looking specimen to start off with and I shall praise my green fingers and consider growing more!

I have a feeling Ken will sabotage my efforts in the early hours and kill it. I became a little obsessed with growing avocado seeds (didn't want to waste them) and I currently have 12 of them growing. 2 of which are so big i've got to plant them outside.

Anyway, 2 weeks from now if I see a new shoot my little mind will be happy, if I don't then hayho i'll find something else to dry out and shove in a pot!

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