Photos from A Field

By RandallFriesen

Day off

Today is my normal day off, but hey what’s normal any longer?

But I turned off my alarm clock, chose to put my lists aside, and charged my phone in the other room.

We played games, (on the Xbox for me), turned on the 2meter ham radio, (VE6VOR) and worked long and hard on this puzzle together, with the rule that we would delay doing the edges as long as we could.

We ate well. Waffles for brunch and Prime rib, Potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, Brussel sprouts, gravy and Caprese salad with fresh banana loaf for supper.

The girl can cook.

And now it’s time to be done. Tomorrow will come quickly and the work will pick up again.

We head into another week with the civic leaders squeezing us more and more. One talking head suggesting it would be good for us to remain six feet apart from our spouse. Not likely.

So we’ll see what this week brings. My secret fear is that I am called on to do a funeral, for this disease or even just a natural death. I don’t know how to tell a family only five of them can come to the service.

May we not have to face that.

Take care all.

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