By PurbeckDavid49

Greengage flowers ….. in white, green and orange.

(each flower is 1 cm. in diameter)

The first of these flowers have just blossomed.  We had to wait five years from planting to having a crop, having wondering beforehand whether the trees were duds.  Last year produced a stunning crop, well worth the wait. Fingers cross for a repeat

Greengages (reine claudes) in Europe - minus GB, that is - appreciate the fruit, and its jam is easy to find there.  

It is the finest of all plums.  An apt description: 

The Greengage is a cultivar of plum with a delightful taste and beautiful confectionary flavor. These fruits were first developed in the Moissac commune in France from Ganerik which is a wild plum species with green fruits native to Asia Minor.

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