......it was not when MrD and I went to South Cottesloe at sunset.
I have never seen so many cars parked on the side of the road - it was like Christmas Day.
We should be in lock down.
Admittedly it was a beautiful warm evening and when we left for the beach the temp was in the late 20s.

I went to golf this morning and things have changed dramatically - no swapping score cards, no touching flag pole on the green, no rakes in bunkers, no hand shaking and the list goes on.  It was enough to distract you from your golf.
I have to admit, on arriving at the golf club, I felt guilty to be there.
Anyhow we had a laugh or six going around.

Thank you for your comments and gifts for the Zucchini Slice - I'm not sure I will be back to you soon.  :))

Ps.  There are two cruise ships in the photo - they've been there a couple of days.  Another ship is in port with no-one permitted to leave the ship, only refuelling before departure.

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