Or they will be later in the year. We are having a family sunflower growing competition. Seeds have been sent to participants and, giving myself an unfair advantage, mine are already planted. I was sorting out all the other seeds and used these lupins to experiment with the Olympus camera which takes very close up photographs. I'm going to have fun playing with it in the days/weeks/months to come.

I decided to have my one walk this morning and took Flora out for a stretch over the fields away from other walkers. There were a few runners and cyclists but otherwise it was deserted. I think everyone must now understand the message. Cameraman will have his one walk later and Flora will get another good bit of exercise. Lyn is kindly using up her one walk allowance to take Flora out too so she will be fine.

The weather is lovely again. Lunch in the garden. A Zoom meeting with the baby grandson afterwards and stories with the four year old and baby sister at 3pm.

Enjoying various webcams, exploring links to virtual museum tours and helping with the good neighbour scheme are going to take up the remainder of the day.

Hope everyone is keeping busy and keeping well.

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