By Number147



As of this evening,  I shall already have been off work for a week. Our plans for a deep clean of the club are now on hold.

We have been asked if any of us want to help the council by going into the community as carers. I have said no. Call me selfish but I have wiped enough bums recently and welcome the break from it.

Two of Clive's nieces have symptoms. One works in a hospital and has been tested positive.  The other is a carer so not tested but probably has the virus. Both are young fit women and will be fine. 

I'm 60 next year and will not put myself at risk.  I was,  after all, hospitalised on holiday in Cyprus with a respiratory infection a couple of years ago.

We are looking out for several neighbours. 

In the meantime,  it's  icecream in the garden.

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