Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Another lazy Blip, and some lazy cooking. Don't be impressed. As befits a skinflint, it was a packet that was reduced to clear. Thanks to Aldi. Sadly, healthy and fresh(ish) foods in that part of town aren't high on the shopping lists, judging by the volume of such foods that were available, and how much of it had reduced prices. As said previously, some panic buyers aren't in THAT much of a panic...

Keyboard ordered at weekend arrived early this morning. It was the usual Postie from ParcelForce, with behaviour more like those naughty kids that would ring door bells and run away, with him putting the package by the door, and stepping well back towards his van.

Washed my hands after removing and disposing of the outer layer of packaging. Wouldn't have considered doing that prior to this virus alert period.

Large pan of soup made, plus washing done and out on the line before work. Not things I'd have contemplated if I was having to travel to work. Some benefits of working from home - no travelling time either end of the day, and home for lunch.

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