Starting to put a bit of routine to my day...did the Joe Wickes exercise lesson (well some of it!!) Then had breakfast with O which we both decided to do together everyday. Then I baked 2 small lemon cakes;1 for Mum as she had requested Jam Tarts (not a demand, just if I saw them whilst I collected her medicine).
Had a first successful FaceTime lesson. Feel quite chuffed with myself...making a little difference to one life.

Then collected Mums prescription and found her Jam Tarts (but did fail on rice pudding) There was a man at the chemist searching for newborn nappies as his first baby was due in a week and they had none. He looked like he’d won the lottery when he found them !! :))
Mum was delighted with her little hoard and we even did some trading :)))
When I came back O was making sourdough....he’s been asked by work to cook specific things...now he’s crying out for fennel.. surely they would understand but I think it’s ridiculous asking them to make certain things!!!!
In the afternoon I sat and read in the sunshine but ended by asleep on the garden sofa....feeling restful and quite calm.

Keep safe everyone x

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