Two dear

I know this really isn't the best blip, I took the camera with me on the morning bakery walk, but unfortunately the battery was completely dead. I was so excited to see these two dear in the forest, it has honestly been 18 months since I've seen any around here. As you can see, there is a lot of work going on in the forest, and they didn't seem too perturbed. All in all not a bad day. My daughter had to do her last exam today. They emailed it, she did it, then emailed it back within a certain time. She has one more week of remote schooling, then two weeks holiday, and she'll miss our family trip to Scotland for Easter, and trip to Portugal. Then she starts working in the biomedicinal lab at the hospital. She will be starting there in crazy times I guess, but will most likely be in work for the forseeable future.
Later in the afternoon we walked down to the shop through the forest, foraging on the way, well just for the Bärlauch, wild garlic. She made some bärlauch gnocchi, absolutely delicious. It should have had ricotta in, but there was a shortage of the galbani mozerella, ricotta etc in the shop, but was quite well stocked otherwise. It was absolutely fine with philadelphia in instead.

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