Road to Nowhere

Another lovely spring day here...nice to get the washing dried outside by early afternoon. Cottage pie made for tea and fat cakes made for the birds...I think we’ve enough food to keep them going for the duration! 

The online grocery shop was looking a little healthier earlier when I made some changes...hopefully things don’t go rapidly downhill overnight! Our local posties have stepped up to the mark and are going to be delivering prescriptions and essentials to anyone who needs anything  and along with a veg/fruit box delivery from a local supplier we should manage now for the full 12 weeks. 

I took my fresh air around the garden this afternoon...I don’t think the groaning muscles could have taken another sprint around the neighbourhood especially when I’ve an online class this evening! My blip is the road out of our’s about half a mile long so we could get a decent walk without going out in public if needs be.

Thanks to Freyjad for hosting Wide Wednesday this week.

Yesterday’s mystery object...I’m afraid none of you came close, it was a strip of clear tiny gemstones which I use for card making.

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