Take Three Birds & Their Merits (LD day 3)

and your day will seem much better .Another starling but a different spot and all set to give a performance ..My card was full for such . Going though the Zoo Station to get the S-Bahn .many empty seats so  safer and met the pigeon .Far less rubbish since most fast food places are closed .Impressive cleaning work by P . Finally met a crow and got a lovely close up as this bird collected peanuts .
1)Starling has humour , talents and aerodynamics .
2) Pigeon is quiet , harmless and inoffensive .Also a family bird .
3)The crow is very clever , lives in a social structure  stores food but never on such a scale as humans store toilet paper etc . It's beak is an   avian shopping trolley 
Not everyone  will agree but in my opinion all birds enhance this world .
Sunny but rather chilly I got a lot done and ready  for an early night .

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