Out and About

By Puffin

First Butterfly

My first butterfly sighting today. It found the only flower in the bed,  flew off over to our neighbours and came back pretty quickly to my beautiful drumstick primula, again and again. Obviously the best thing around today. And it lingered so I had time to find my camera.  

Day ? of restrictions. I think it must be Day 10 because the last day of relative normality for me was 15 March when we held an orienteering event.  Ever since then we have had social distancing and increased restrictions on our movements.  Did lots of weeding and moved some plants around. Registered with Zoom to see if I can manage Book Club as a video conference. Went from the house for a 5km walk, saw one jogger and lots of lambs. My cleaner says she can't come any more, goodness we'll have to do our own cleaning. PIlates teacher is trying to arrange a Zoom class. 

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