A Fine Romance

(Just look at those tail feathers) :):)

Had a beautiful walk at lunchtime.  I didn't even get where I'd planned to go though.  Will try again tomorrow :)

I talked to a young family - social distancing of course - Dad just lost his job due to COVID-19, Mum was pregnant not allowed to work and (very solemn) 5 year old.  

They were looking forward to going home to Romania for the Easter holidays, but of course its not going to happen.  I raised a laugh when I told the boy that I'd love to have a scooter but if I rode one I'd probably fall off...

Beef stew in the slow cooker before Breakfast - but very tough, so I had something else instead.  Don't know what I did wrong there, I'm almost at the 12 hours now...

Good day  at work from home, started later (but finished later too)

Fabulous walk in the sunshine at lunchtime

Feeling very blessed :)

Thankful today for a job, a roof over my head and somewhere nice to walk in my lunch break in these times :)

(there have been 3 ambulances in this road today.  One to one of my neighbours'.  Very glad to hear she hasn't got covid, but a bad chest infection.  Have offered to help with food and things but she has a good friend going in)

I've been getting some craft bits and pieces out tonight.  Who knows what I might create during this 'social isolation' :)

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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