Road back from my walk

A frosty, sunny morning.  Decided to get up and go out early to avoid people, it worked only saw a couple of others and they were at a distance. It was so beautiful, birds singing and lots of frost to photograph!  The challenge was road/bridge. The blip is the road past the allotments and first extra is the bridge at the fishing lake (difficult to get a clear photo of) plus frosty leaves and icy groundsel. 
Did some more work in the garden and repainted the shed as I found some of the paint when I cleared the shed out yesterday.  Did ironing, phoned a friend, sat in the sun with a cuppa this afternoon and opened a letter from the hospital.  Good news for a change!  The tumour hasn't grown since last year and little growth since the op 3 years ago.  My consultant is going to talk with London to see what the plan will be, may still have to have radiotherapy but wait and see
Nearly forgot the blip yesterday was a tiny magnet on my notice board, holds papers on it

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