Make Every Day Memorable

By Jorgiesmum

My Place

Another day in the garden but this time I spent far too long just looking at the progress I have made over the last few days. Muscles were aching in protest after all my chores yesterday so I sat in the sun, enjoying the peace and quiet.
Actually I finished the aviary first so the parrots were able to use it. They love being outside as much as I do.

The sunshine is certainly making these strange times seem more palatable.

This evening  I strolled up the lane from my home. The light was wonderful looking back down into the village and across the fields to the moors.
In normal times I would have driven up there to enjoy the sunset.

I love the way the light filters through the dust created by the tractor (working in the field behind my home) so this had to be my main blip. It's hard to see but, in the middle of the image you can just pick out the lane as it traverses the hills.
Ive added an extra because I love the recession and the light.

Very first thing I went to Tesco's to shop for my  aunt. The carpark was very quiet and then I realised that the shop was only open for the elderly and  vulnerable.
I'm still rather peeved that no-one asked me to leave and wait until after 10am !

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