By Bella888

Tiny Tuesday on Wednesday

Well I messed up again. Had this prepared for Tiny Tuesday, but did a Wide Wednesday in error. So for my WW entry, see yesterday. And this is tagged for TT. Does that make sense?

Just ‘attending’ an on-line wake on ‘Zoom’ for my lovely ‘little’ cousin’s mum* (*remarried after she and my ‘big’ cousin split up many years ago),  She passed away far too young. The close family are in their respective homes, broadcasting their prayers and reminiscences etc. How Covid-19 changes even the darkest moments. 

Otherwise life soldiers on.  Plumbing company called to bring forward their visit to tomorrow (washer dryer). But had another chat with them about it, as don’t really want a visitor.  We agreed the plumber would call to discuss in the morning, as if the ‘symptoms suggest a new machine is needed, there’s not much point in him coming. They supply machines as well, so don’t lose out, and only want to attend real emergencies in the current crisis anyway.  Will just have to do as in the old days and wash by hand.  And sort it all out in however many weeks time. 

Good Night and about to switch off .  Sorry no stars or comments from me tonight.  

Tiny Tuesday Post for 24/3/20 (relates to above image)

Was looking out of the window, watching wings a-flutter hither and thither, hoping to get a good Tiny Tuesday image. 

Then spotted mysterious tiny white lines fading into the high distance. Can’t remember when last seen. The sky was a clear blue, undisturbed by the usual criss-crossing of fuzzy marks left by the polluting machines. 

So just see Boris has spoken and we’re (virtually) on lockdown. Some lack of clarity, eg this morning my washer/dryer played up (and ‘jumped’ off its plinth). When I opened the filter, water gushed out. Luckily managed to mop up and the water stopped. Can we call emergency plumbers or electricians???

Had booked someone for Friday, and now frightened to use the machine.  Can cope with washing by hand, but the towels I was washing didn’t dry at all, not even in the sun. May have to dig out my thin synthetic gym towels!  Hope they actually dry!

Feeling happier now we’re 7 days on from that hospital procedure, and still ‘clear’. Will feel even better once we’re at Day 14. 

So we Europeans (out of the EU, but still Europeans), are in this together. Italy is showing a promising downturn in cases, but still early days.


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