That Will Do!

By flumgummery

The walk past Mortonhall golf club is very familiar, being a comfortable distance from the house and yet offering a variety of scene. A particular  advantage during the COVID-19 pandemic is that there are no golfers flinging missiles everywhere. An added bonus is the quantity of wild garlic, providing yet more green veg for the menu. 

Towards Mortonhall the area became busier, though by no means crowded, most people observing a safe distance,  but the young males running three abreast took up the whole path and the cyclists obliged pedestrians to move over but on the whole everyone was careful, most exchanged a greeting.

So we passed  a pleasant hour surrounded by birdsong, including the 'referee's whistle' of the nuthatch, and squirrels - not all as cheeky as this one, sitting on a birdbox.

We cooked yesterday's nettles and made a very nice soup, they do cook down to about a quarter of the volume after cooking, rather like spinach. There's enough for tomorrow but I think we'll be collecting more.


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