Carolina's journal

By Carolina

Bridges of Snohomish County

Bridges for wide Wednesday!  You guys knew that I would have had to be on my death bed to miss this one!   I stopped at Costco before coming here for my blip and guess what???   NO LINES at Costco!!!!!   I couldn't believe it either.   So i was able to get in and out in now time at all and on to better and more important things....  LIKE BLIPPING !!!!   Thanks to Freyad for hosting this week.   
    In extras is my Mystery Item from Tiny Tuesday!   A biscuit cutter!  It's an old one that used to be my Grandma's.     I will also put a colored version of the bridge in also. 
   I thought it was interesting that the Patron Saint for Pandemics or Virus' is ........ Saint Corona!   Not kidding either.

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