By USAHIhifriends

Ssshhhhhh . . .

. . .  Rascal is sleeping!    He is deep black and the blanket he's on is a deep forest green.   Unless he opens his yellow eyes, I often miss him on the bed.   My flash doesn't work, but I was intrigued how the colours changed here.   Didn't want to use the one with open eyes as it is rather scary.

Newspaper headline  :  TOURISM MELTDOWN
Major hotels close across the state; job losses mount to more than 40,000 since mid-February

The one death here so far reported to be from COVID-19 has been reclassified as negative for the virus, blame being put on a report being misread.   The patient had multiple underlying conditions.  A second test on that patient was negative.   So, no deaths so far here.

A 50-year old lady out walking at Sandy Beach was attacked at knifepoint around midday today (broad daylight), her money and cellphone taken, and the suspects making it away in a car that was later confirmed stolen.     One more reason to stay home, which is where I've been all day.

Stay safe and well, everyone!

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