By Beckett


.... today was a sad day - our wonderful neighbours of some 40 years Alan  (BIG Al) and Joan and family, said their farewells to Alan who passed away last week after an extended illness. Of course the present COVID-19 did no favours for them in having the Ceremony, with the Government only allowing 10 people at Funerals. They did however arrange a video and this has now been downloaded for all to be part of the day.

"BIG Al" proudly still working at 84, as he told everyone the "best door saleman" for Hume Doors , a family business since 1953, and is one of the largest manufacturers of all doors and fittings. 
You may recall this from his 80th party telling the story of why he became known as "BIG Al". 
He is a true inspiration for "never giving up", and just "do it" - another Blip here when I caught him over the fence mowing his lawn on a stinker of a hot day.

As a "true Englishman" he loved his cup of tea, and his Soccer Club Portsmouth was always on top of many discussions.

So not being able to join the Ceremony at 2pm due the restrictions, we sat and had a cuppa in memory of "BIG Al" .... cheers mate.

Enjoy and have a look in LARGE to see he also was a Tim Tam fan.......

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