Keep your friends...

as close as you can.I walked by my friend Casey's house today. She gave me 2 thumbs up and a big smile. I asked if she would be my blip and she was thrilled. This is zoomed and cropped. We kept the safe distance...hard for her because she is a huger, kisser and huger again. We all have to learn to adjust but we never have to give up our friends. I keep them close at a safe distance.
Our quiet beach front neighborhood quickly turned into a tourist attraction. Today we tried to walk up the street as we have been doing. It was so crowded hubby and Sugar Baby had to turn around and go home. So many people with dogs all over the place. Bikes and cars zooming by, trucks with kayaks hanging out the back. The park is closed and the beaches are privately owned. I guess people are starting to get cabin fever. Nerve-racking to say the least. Be safe.
Feel like I stole my 10,000+ steps 
No report on COVID19 in S. Mary's today. I'll check tomorrow.

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