By Ridgeback13


Another day in the flat...working away in the kitchen with some video calls and then trying to impose some order on the next set of tasks but find I don’t have a lot of energy for them. Would have liked to get out for some fresh air but rain then heavy mist all day. The branches were dripping outside the window but the buds are swelling and spring will soon be here.
Catch up (online) and lots of jolly chat with V and C at lunchtime....so odd to have these rare moments together instead of it just being an everyday occurrence. I just can’t believe we won’t all be in the office again next week....so odd to just be wearing slippers everyday and feeling like I’m trying to work through an endless solitary weekend.
Gave up and binge watched some Netflix whilst knitting and Phoned T&Kt who seem to be enjoying being at home together with Heston...taking him on a long walk each day, doing the garden and teaching him tricks...they’re very relaxed and enjoying lovely weather down there. Chatted to A on her way home from a shift. She said it’s all gone up a gear, with a very quiet morning but then mayhem by late afternoon....lots of coughing patients and a woman who came in appearing to have some form of infection who died within an hour, Gulp....

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