2013: A Photo Odyssey

By Aoraki

Happy Australia Day

Wishing all blippers everywhere a Happy Australia Day.

Most of you know that our first peoples invented the Boomerang -the first aerofoil weapon (and toy)

But here's a few other things that Aussies have invented over the years.

1838 - Pre-paid postage

1856 - Refrigerator

1874 - Underwater torpedo

1889 - Electric drill

1902 - Notepad

1906 - Feature film

1912 - Battlefield Tank

1928 - Electronic Pacemaker

1930 - Clapperboard (the thing they snap shut in front of a movie camera)

1940 - Zinc Cream

1943 - Splayd - The combination of knife, fork and spoon (Americans know them as Sporks)

1945 - Hills Hoist - The famous rotary clothes line with a winding mechanism.

1953 - Solar hot water

1958 - Black box flight recorder

1961 - Ultrasound Scanner

1965 - Inflatable escape slide

1965 - Wine cask

1970 - Staysharp self-sharpening knife

1971 - Variable rack and pinion steering

1972 - Power board - allows multiple electrical devices to be powered where only a single wall socket is available.

1979 - RaceCam - As seen in all motorsports and may other sports as well

1980 - Dual flush toilet. In Australia now responsible for saving in excess of 32000 litres of water per household per year.

1984 - Baby Safety Capsule

1988 - Polymer banknote

1992 - Multi-focal contact lens

1992 - Product Activation - (digital distribution of software)

1992 - Wi-Fi

Also don't forget the swimming stroke now called Freestyle was once the Australian Crawl. And voting in private (ie: not a show of hands) was called an Australian Ballot

So if you used any of these products today, where ever you are in the world, raise your glass to the Aussies.

And what better way to celebrate Australia day 2013 than a blip of a Danish designed building with a Chinese printed flag superimposed :)

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