Lost in Thought

By steveng

The new surgery

Gill and I went for a walk around the village this afternoon and came across the pharmacy and new medical centre with nothing parked in front of the building.  When what had been a bank was converted into the pharmacy I found out some old photos and put them together in a frame to show how things had changed over time.  The right hand side and first floor  have now been converted into a GPs surgery, but as you can imagine, the opening has not been as anyone expected.  The top floor is flats.  Not the best light, but at least I now have the up to date photo to go with the older three.   This is the pharmacy where Gill worked and has being covering catch up shifts over the past week or two.

In the extras - a couple of cheer-ups we saw on our walk.

Today is Gill's birthday,  we had a family video call this morning which is something I can see us doing more of in future.  Hope everyone else is getting through the isolation reasonably well.

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